Learn more about how we manage our impacts and capitalise on opportunities.

A wide range of stakeholders including our employees, customers and investors are interested in our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CR&S) strategy and performance. We are committed to publicly reporting our progress to keep them informed and invite their feedback.

In this section we provide more detailed information on our progress and performance.


We also communicate our CR&S performance in our Annual Report and Accounts, which provides a summary of our core risks and key performance indicators for investors, and through the CDP survey.

The issues and challenges page reflects the CR&S risks our company faces, and the interests and expectations of our key stakeholders. We are committed to improving our reporting by incorporating best practices for materiality, inclusiveness, accuracy and completeness. We aim to provide balanced information about our positive and negative impacts, our successes and challenges, and our plans for improvement.

Specifically on carbon reporting, Cobham's environmental reporting boundaries and scope are detailed in the reporting protocol which is available on the performance data & downloads page. All of Cobham's wholly owned operations are reviewed to identify omissions and variations. An external assurance provider provides limited assurance of Scope 1 and 2 emissions data which is again available on the performance data page.

Data is collected at least annually with some key indicators collected quarterly. We are reviewing our materiality process to ensure the information we collect and report on meets our business and stakeholder needs.

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