With more than 48 years heritage in the space market, Cobham Microwave one of the world leader for the supplies of RF & Microwave Sub-systems, equipments and components on platforms or payloads of more than 1000 satellites.

Our leading edge space qualified technologies and world class engineering team, have developed an impressive portfolio of space products up to 65 GHz with high power capabilities including:

  • integrated sub-systems
  • isolators and circulators,
  • filters,
  • Passive units such as couplers, power dividers…
  • adapters, loads,
  • waveguides components,
  • silicon Pin diodes ans MOS capacitors

Some of our Pin Diodes, circulators or isolators family are listed on ESA EPPL (European Preferred Part List) demonstrating Cobham Microwave high quality and Reliability products.

In order to propose a full efficient service to our customers, Cobham Microwave had invest in heavy equipment’s such as:

  • High power vacuum test station
  • PIM test,
  • Multipactor and Corona set -up,
  • Thermal cycling oven,
  • EMC chamber,
  • Life tests, Die shear tests, Pull tests …
  • Gross and fine leakage,
  • Vibrations and accelerations test,
  • PIND tests (Particle Impact Noise detection).

Cobham Microwave has a rich legacy in delivering both standard and highly custom differentiated and innovative technology solutions.

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