Cobham designs, manufactures and supports Microwave Systems and Test Benches for space, defence, industrrial, communications and scientific markets

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Cobham designs and manufactures best in class space approved Microwave Systems and Test Benches. Cobham has more than 40 years expertise in the following fields:

  • Operating Systems: with microwave dominant systems and equipment for ground or airborne applications
  • Test Systems: testing, simulation and system integration benches
  • Maintenance in operational conditions, including the treatment of obsolescence and renewal, systems and electronic dominant equipment


Its expertise is built around recognised and inter-disciplinary skills in the fields of high technology. Design of microwave and electronic functions and sub-assemblies is one of Cobham's major strengths. It has the ability to develop and implement each item of an RF or Microwave Transmitter/Receiver System chain.


Cobham is ready to study your latest specifications and design the specific systems that will meet your requirements. Our 40 years heritage in this field demonstrates the high reliability of our products for stringent requirements and harsh environmental conditions.

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