Ethernet and Bus Slip Rings Seprates offer the transmission of the Ethernet protocol and of many industrial bus protocols such as Profibus, Powerlink, Fieldbus or CANopen.

Ethernet and Bus Slip Rings Separates (un-packaged brush block and ring assembly) are suitable to transfer 100M/1000M Ethernet signals and bus protocols such CANOpen, Profibus or FieldBus. RJ45 connectors are usually installed for Ethernet. They can be integrated in various communication networks.

Ethernet and Bus Slip Rings Separates are built to the same standard as the rest of our portfolio. They can be customized to customer's requirements for specific systems with low available space or economical limitations.  The existing system bearing can be utilized.

Full mounting procedure is supplied with the unit.

They can combined with other types of rotary joints such as FORJ, Hydraulic or Hyper Frequency.


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