Opto electric Slip ring is a combination of FORJ with gold, silver or carbon brushes slip ring. High data rates go through FORJ while power and other signals go through contact technology (gold, silver or carbon brushes).

Our Single Channel Fibre Optic Rotary Joints - FORJ is designed to be fully integrated with slip rings mechanics. FORJ mounting withstand severe working conditions. The fiber goes through the shaft with customized outputs on stator and rotor side. A long experience in opto electric slip rings makes Cobham a reference for such hybrid needs. Also, our expertise in different areas such as mechanical, optical and electrical technologies enables Cobham to advice and offer complete transmission solution (brushes, contactless and optical). After qualifications and testings for harsh environments (vibration, temperature, tightness, aging..), Cobham has been awarded for several opto electric projects and serial productions for wind turbines, special machineries, radars, opto-electrical and video systems.

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