100 mb/s Ethernet Contactless Slip Rings is real time ethernet communication through electromagnetical waves.

Cobham's contactless electronics is designed for deterministic 100 Mbits/s (100BASE-TX) data transmission in real time and continuous operation. Our solution provides highly efficient transfer of data across short distances through capacitive data transfer. It's also a mantenance free alternative to mechanical slip ring transmission. It eliminates friction or heating between rotating and stationary components. Our product is plug and play, flexible and universal: plugable and modular design for an easy integration and adjustments of bore sizes from 0mm to 250mm. Plug & Play system as it is fully compatible with transmission protocols such as Fast Ethernet, Profinet, Powerlink, Ethercat,...  Also, our design provides high EMI protections, ensuring flawless high-speed data transmission even in environments with strong electromagnetic interference. 

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