Cobham Electrical and Electronic Equipment in Kista, Sweden is the market leader and supplier of choice for integrated waveguide assemblies, passive microwave components, rotary joints and rotating subsystems and waveguide switches to the military and commercial aerospace and radar markets.

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The rotary joint is the link between the stationary and movable parts of a radar or microwave communication system allowing signals to be transmitted between the antenna and ground components with little or no distortion.  A rotary joint has often several microwave channels on the same concentric axis.  Slip rings and azimuth position sensors, optical encoders or inductive discs and fluid joints can also be integrated in the assembly, creating a rotating subsystem. 


We specialize in microwave and electro-mechanical rotating devices. These include RF rotary joints, gear-driven and direct-drive pedestals and RF rotating subsystems used in military and air traffic control radars and telecommunications systems.


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