Industrial and Wind Turbine

Cobham Electrical and Electronic Equipment has put all its know how and its end technologies for niche industrial markets. As alternative energies for earth environmental awareness, Cobham Electrical and Electronic Equipment has been a key player for the supplies of slip rings for wind turbine industries. Our differentiated technologies offers the best optimisation of the mechanical use of the wind.

Electrical and Electronic Equipment solutions are also present in the bottling machine industries where reliability and precision are the key for a 24 hour operation and where unavailability for maintenance should be reduced to the minimum. For years, our designs and the quality of our products have been prove for this market.

Electrical and Electronic Equipment microwave components are used for industrial defrosting where our know-how have made it possible to operate at Kilo Watts or Mega Watts. Our reliable diodes are used in Security radio communication system that are used by fireman, policeman and airport fields where reliability is prime for such operations involving human life and security.

Our Capabilities

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